Day 6 – More Sanding, Painting Primer

Spent a little more time sanding today. Painted Rustoleum automotive primer on the areas afterwards. Trying to knock as much out as a I can while I have the energy and the weather is good. Here are some pics of my progress so far.

11947402_10153228334319492_828835983139827389_n 11998889_10153228334404492_5799794342528713109_n 11140057_10153228334394492_6702719031539756328_n 11986344_10153228334399492_8774805745079631206_n 11223972_10153228334354492_8712184342473924848_n 10419441_10153228334469492_993864254108154745_n 11951258_10153228334544492_2495427495455665386_n

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