Day 9 – Removing Front Bumper, Cleaning Nuts & Bolts with Vinegar

Just unbolted the front bumper. When I set it on the ground a bunch of rust came out. Nice huh? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. I’ll get in the frame mounts and wire brush all that rust away the best I can. Next, I put all the 12 bolts, washers and nuts in a small glass container and poured distilled white vinegar over them all. They should look a lot better tomorrow or, the following day. Getting ready to use my Dewalt circular sander and a few of those Diablo 5″ 60 grit sanding discs. Not perfect, but pretty good! The only other easy way of removing all the rust deposits is sandblasting. And, I really don’t have the money to have that done. Early on, I did ask a few folks on Craigslist to give me an estimate…they all came back (for doing just the frame) between $800 – $1,200). Hence, the reason I’ve done this all myself. Hey, guess what? I’m doing paint next! Stick around. 🙂 By the way, if you find my posts helpful or interesting…please consider sharing my website with a friend. Thanks!  

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