Monthly Archive: October 2015

Day 25 – Seat Installation

I made a list of all the hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, studs) that I needed to buy then I drove over to Home Depot. Came back home and proceeded to mark out the location for where I wanted to place…
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Day 24 – Freeing up a Stuck Brake Drum

In a earlier post, I was having difficulty removing the brake drum on the passenger side. I damaged the side of the drum by hitting it with a small sledgehammer. At any rate, I was able pop by Less Steger’s…
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Day 22 – Custom Torsion Confusion

I was able to chat with my good friend Less Steger today. He answered many questions that I had where I felt like I was stuck. Here I am placing the stock torsion bars back into the donor rear end….
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Day 21 – Shifter Box Mock Up

While I was mulling ideas over, I decided to place the shifter box into the car and run the shift rod through it. The alignment looks okay but, I need to hook it up and see if the car will shift…
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Day 21 – Rear Shock Mounts

My backordered items came into today from Apple Tree Auto. These are the shock mounts and stock VW rear shocks. The stock shocks are too wide to fit into this shock mount. I took the same shock mount around to the front…
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Day 21 – Seat Visualization

Looks like I got me a delivery! Woot! Yep, my new seats came in! Let me just pause here a moment and say, there was nothing physically wrong with the seats I received with this buggy…they just sat too high up to…
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