Day 13 – Feeling Inspired, Let’s Paint!

It’s easy to get a little frustrated and feel overwhelmed when you are tackling a large project by yourself. Receiving all those parts for FREE really helped energize me. I hope to knock out cleaning up and painting the transmission, and applying the second (possibly third color of paint) as well. Alright, so let’s get busy!

First think I did was start cleaning up the sand rail front bumper brackets. These are the brackets that keep the front bumper connected to the front beam and the chassis. Think of it this way, they keep the front beam where it needs to be. Next, I grabbed my orange Rustoleum and sprayed that on the front beam and the tie rods. I had some bolts, nuts, and washers sitting in a jar of vinegar…the vinegar removed a lot of the rust. I wiped these all down afterwards with a shop rag. Once the orange paint was dry to the touch, I applied my third color…red Rustoleum protective enamel paint to the front beam. Turned out great!


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