Day 13 – More FREE Parts!

One of the best things I like about the Volkswagen community is that everyone is so nice and they will do what they can to help another Volkswagen enthusiast. Today, I found a box of parts outside my garage door. Looks like my new friend Kevin stopped by again today and dropped them off. That was really nice of him. In the container was two throttle cables, the conduit for a clutch cable, a new clutch cable to go inside the conduit and another set of lines. In addition, there was a steering wheel, a Bugpack steering coupler, EMPI shift rod adjuster, off-brand shift rod adjuster, a Hurst shifter for Volkswagen transmissions, sand rail steering rod brass bushing, and a second non-brass steering bushing, a Weber 11046 carburetor for Volkswagen 1600 engines, Volkswagen IRS axle boot covers, a plastic distributor cover, a Volkswagen Beetle shift rod, two sand rail steering rods, and a few other parts I have yet to mention. Here are some pics.

12109837_10153287660284492_3881234829630049615_o12109876_10153287660174492_339533019965591066_o12139941_10153287660149492_1629976080827664954_o 12068508_10153287660134492_4281425330373386320_o 12132491_10153287660179492_5027750547493893634_o   12109972_10153287660009492_4535524247558283104_o12087071_10153287660109492_2676641049451393605_o12132410_10153287659964492_5519301138413730808_o

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