Day 13 – Transmission Clean Up & Paint

I’m getting a lot accomplished today. Now, on to cleaning up that old greasy, nasty looking Volkswagen Beetle transmission. I grabbed a electric Skil Drill that I had and put a 3″ wire brush on it, then I went to town. First, I cleaned up the side closest to me (the bottom half), then I focused on the other side (the top half in the photos). After that was done, painted with automotive primer, then applied a couple of coats of yellow Rustoleum gloss protective enamel paint, then orange Rustoleum gloss protective enamel paint…lastly, red Rustoleum gloss protective enamel paint. Turned out great! Here are some pics.

12087133_10153287659514492_6233577879706407580_o12087126_10153287659504492_6508923177628183403_o12132451_10153287659469492_1615104623507265902_o12132388_10153287659199492_2645877093540215097_o11223934_10153287659139492_2247073831293098945_o11116217_10153287659109492_6014640754438718827_o12132459_10153287658914492_5855985600181154162_o (1)12095084_10153287658884492_2034823576467671937_o (1)

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