Day 25 – Seat Installation

I made a list of all the hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, studs) that I needed to buy then I drove over to Home Depot. Came back home and proceeded to mark out the location for where I wanted to place the drivers seat. I used a Sharpie marker and wrote right on the pan. The outline you see in the pictures below were made by me taking measurements from the front cross bar and the side cross bar. I duplicated these measurements to the passenger side as well so that both seats would sit in roughly the same space. Then I inserted the threaded studs into the six holes in the bottom of the seat. I’ll be using these studs to mark the drill location for the holes. Since the studs were too long, the seat would not fit underneath the overhead roll bars, so I had to cut them down using my grinder with a cutting disc on it. Next, I marked the holes with a Sharpie marker, and drilled them out with my Skil electric drill. Then, I swapped the drill bit for a wire brush and removed all the left over marks made by the marker. The following photo shows you the hardware that I used (with the exception of the 8″ threaded studs). I carefully laid out the 1″ bolts, washers, and nylon nuts that I would need to secure the seat. I was able to get four of the six bolts to go in perfectly, they lined up well. However, the remaining two holes did not line up. They were about a 1/4 of an inch off. Damn, now what do I do? So, I thought about it for a few minutes and decided that I could use the 8″ threaded studs to mount the seat. So, that’s what I attempted next. I put Loctite Blue Thread Locker on each of the studs and hand-tightened them in place. The Sun had set about an hour or so earlier…I rigged up a shop light. As I pushed the seat down on to the pan, I had to force the two studs into the appropriate holes. At this point, I was like you know…I can do this tomorrow when the Sun is out…I don’t have to keep going now. So, that’s where I quit for the day. Here are the pics.


DSC04564DSC04568DSC04569DSC04571DSC04573DSC04575DSC04578DSC04582DSC04584DSC04586DSC04589DSC04596DSC04598DSC04600DSC04603DSC04591   DSC04604

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