Monthly Archive: November 2015

Day 33 – Mocked Up Rear Shocks

Progress has been really slow because I’m short on money. I did get a few packages in the mail today so that helps. I received a Bowden tube, Bowden tube transmission bracket, (12) CV joint axle bolts, and a pair…
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Day 32 – Shocks From Hell

I finally got around to finishing up the painting on the front shocks. Today I thought I would go ahead and install ’em. How hard could it be right? First off, the bushing was still on the lower spindle so…
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Day 30 – My New IRS Conversion Swing Plates

My new IRS conversion set swing plates came in a few days ago. I picked them up on eBay from NextGen-Offroad. They were $120 plus shipping. That included the nuts, bolts, and heim joints. The welds look really good on…
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