Day 27 – Installing the Steering Rod, Wheel, Bearing and Coupler

So, a couple of the things I was hoping to knock out today was installing the steering rod, wheel, bearing, and steering coupler. One of the first things I had to do was use a wire wheel to clean up the splines on the male side of the steering adapter. This is the piece that will go inside the steering rod and connect to the steering coupler. Next, I used a wire brush on my Skil electric drill to work on the residual rust on the steering wheel. After a couple of minutes I remembered that I had a smaller steering wheel. So, I ended up going with it, not the larger one you see in the first two photos. I rigged up a strap to hold the wheel in place as I maneuvered the rod into position. I sat down in the seat to get an idea as to where I wanted the wheel to be. Once I had that location, I pulled the strap tight so it held the wheel in place and then I grabbed my sharpie marker and made a small mark on the steering rod nearest to the steering box. I cut the steering rod with my grinder using a cut-off wheel then I slipped the bearing onto the rod, next I used my small sledgehammer to knock that male steering rod adapter deep into the steering rod. After that was done, I grabbed the Bugpack steering coupling and installed it.

DSC04683 DSC04685DSC04697DSC04700  DSC04696 DSC04701DSC04703DSC04704DSC04705DSC04707  DSC04695DSC04709

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