Day 27 – Prepping and Painting the Trailing Arms

Got an earlier start today. So many leaves had fallen, I had to get my leaf blower out to clear the buggy off. I grabbed my Skil drill and wire brush bit and went to town on one of the trailing arms. The first photo is all the rust accumulation on the trailing arm. Again, I’m not trying to make this buggy perfect, just street-able. I removed as much of the rust as I could then I hit it with primer. I then cleaned up the other trailing arm and painted it also.

I took a few minutes to straighten out the shift rod (it was bent), then I prepped the shifter box and shift rod for paint (sanding). I put blue painters tape across the bottom of both sides of the shifter box because I will need raw steel to weld the box to the frame with. The next photo shows them painted yellow. Then after all those parts dried, I applied the orange and subsequently, the red. They turned out great! If the weather cooperates maybe I can install them all tomorrow. Enjoy the pics!

DSC04668DSC04669DSC04670DSC04673DSC04681DSC04686DSC04687DSC04689DSC04690DSC04691   DSC04713DSC04719DSC04720  DSC04718

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