Day 31 – Bolted in Trailing Arms / Swing Plate Alignment Problem

This afternoon I grabbed my 17mm allen wrench and bolted in the right rear trailing arm, then the left. Next, I tried to install the IRS conversion set swing plates. I’ve seen photos of how these are supposed to go together but, for me…they didn’t seem to align-up the right way. The plates are supposed to be for the IRS rear end (which is what this is). First, I tried to bolt the flange to the torsion tube directly but I noticed when I did that, it threw out the alignment of the swing plate. Next, I pulled the flange away from the torsion tube and it then seemed to align up okay…but, the inner piece of the flange that would normally slide into the torsion tube, wasn’t resting in the tube…it was mostly sticking out. Okay, so lastly, I grabbed some barrel spacers that came with the buggy kit and put them in place. The alignment looks better but, I don’t know if it’s exactly right. So, I just left all the bolts loose. If you know…maybe you can tell me what’s wrong and what I can do about it?


DSC04875 - Edited







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  1. Jim Crawford

    Keith this is awesome. Where did you learn how to do all this?

    1. fireball (Post author)

      I’ve been designing websites since 1990. Just dug in and learned all I can. This particular platform is based on WordPress. Thanks for the kind compliment Jim!


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