Day 33 – Mocked Up Rear Shocks

Progress has been really slow because I’m short on money. I did get a few packages in the mail today so that helps. I received a Bowden tube, Bowden tube transmission bracket, (12) CV joint axle bolts, and a pair of coil over shocks for the rear. The shocks came with an adjustment tool. This tool will let me increase or decrease pressure on the shock. So, I should be able to customize a decent ride height with ’em.

One of the problems I noticed right off was that the top of the shocks were too wide to fit into the shock mount. So, I had to take my 4″ grinder from Harbor Freight and cut it down to a size that would fit. Once that was done, I used a rubber mallet to force the mount down onto the shock…went on pretty easily. Next, the install.

DSC04958 DSC04960 DSC04961 DSC04963 DSC04964DSC04966DSC04967DSC04980DSC04978DSC04977DSC04976

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