Day 41 – The Blunders Continue!

The blunders continue! 🙂 Man, I can’t get a break! So, I forgot to grease up the torsion bars and bushings, instead I ran up to Home Depot and bought more hardware. Then I took that hardware and installed the swing plate brace strap on both sides. Wish I would have remembered where I left off and what I had to do next. Oh, well…that’s the point of documenting my journey on this build. Hopefully, it will help you save some steps and prevent you from making the same mistakes I have been making. But, wait there’s more!!! I didn’t notice until I was trying to mount the swing arms to the spring plates, then it hit me…I put the left spring plate on the right side of the car! Why is a that a problem? Well, because there are three bolt holes on each spring plate, and if they do not line up with each swing arm…they will not bolt up right. So, I disassembled both sides and tightened everything back up. Once again, neglecting to put in the grease as needed.
With that being said, when I tightened up the torsion covers on the driver side, the torsion bar actually popped part of the cover off. You can see the small painted circle of metal in my hand in one photo. Ugh!!!


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