Day 42 – Engine Installation

Alright, so today I grabbed an old single-port engine that I had, it came out of a 1962 VW bug. Today I figured I would go ahead and install it into the buggy frame. It’s important that I have some weight in the back so I can adequately adjust the swing plates to where they need to be. I also need to know what type of room will I have to mount the gas tank.
I unbolted the back part of the sandrail cage, and took a rubber mallet, banged on the cage until it slipped free from the bottom of the wishbone. With the cage off, I took a throw out bearing off of an old VW bus transmission and installed that into this tranny. I had to run up to Home Depot again, this time to buy a packet of nuts that will fit onto the engine threads. Remember this size of nuts incase you ever lose a engine nut and need to go hunt one down. With the engine on, I snagged a starter that I had and installed that, very simple, two nuts, bolted right up. Then I remounted the rear cage.
I have to remember to put grease on the torsion bars, rubber bushings, and readjust the swing plates so they are more on plane…then clean the end of the axles, and mount them to the transmission. So, I hope to be doing that next. Stay tuned!


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