Monthly Archive: July 2016

Day 46 – Installed SCW Battery Holder

Feeling motivated today so, hopefully I can get quite a bit accomplished. First thing I did was verify that my SCW batter holder fit my PC640 battery. Yep, all good there. Next, I had to figure out the best place…
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Day 44 – Mounted Exhaust Pipes

I took these old exhaust pipes off my 1964 dune buggy. Wasn’t sure if they would fit but, thought I would give it a try. As luck to have it, they just barely cleared. Hallelujah! I am going to have…
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Day 42 – Engine Installation

Alright, so today I grabbed an old single-port engine that I had, it came out of a 1962 VW bug. Today I figured I would go ahead and install it into the buggy frame. It’s important that I have some…
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Day 41 – The Blunders Continue!

The blunders continue! 🙂 Man, I can’t get a break! So, I forgot to grease up the torsion bars and bushings, instead I ran up to Home Depot and bought more hardware. Then I took that hardware and installed the…
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