Day 53 – Run Clutch and Throttle Cables

I needed something that I could use as a conduit to run the clutch cable in…just so happens I found what I was looking for in the plumbing aisle at Home Depot. Forgot the name of this stuff, but bought a six foot section of it, brought it home, cut it to size then painted it.

Next, I ran the throttle cable back to the rear of the car, and used self-tapping screws with plastic cable clamps to secure it in place.

Now that the conduit I bought is dry, I went ahead and ran the clutch cable through it (and, the Bowden tube), zip tied it in place, then screwed on a washer and wingnut. Since the clutch cable was too long, I had to run back to Home Depot to find something to bind the cable together as a means of shortening it. Found some metal clamps that would work and put them on.







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