Day 53 – Tabs for Lights

Received my lights today that I bought off of eBay. Time to weld on some tabs. Incidentally, I wanted to tell you that I picked up a roll of trailer 4-wire which I’ll use to hook up the front and rear lights. For today, I just ran wire to the back and used zip ties to secure it in place. After running the wire, I used my grinder to clean a few places where I would be welding on the tabs. Once that was done, I welded on the tabs, grinded them smooth, then sprayed some paint. When I was finished with the rear, I moved to the front where I had to fabricate two additional tabs to secure the front blinkers. Nothing fancy, just cut some angle iron with my sawzall, cleaned the surfaces where I would affix them, weld ’em on, grind, shoot some paint. Phone call, gotta run…pickup more very soon.

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 12.30.18 AM - Edited







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