Day 54 – Installing the Emergency Brake

I’ve been rather perplexed at how I would hook up and run a stock emergency brake handle on this build, so I started poking around on eBay. After a few minutes, I found what I was looking for. More commonly used by import cars known for ‘drifting’, I came across this aluminum e-brake system with a built in brake cylinder. Once I found that, I just knew I had to have it. So, here is what I did.

I ran up to Home Depot and bought a 36″ section of aluminum flat bar. Next, I cut that in equal halves with my sawzall. Using the vise on my workbench and a rubber mallet, I beat on the bars until they formed the shapes I needed for my fabrication. After getting them about where I wanted, I drilled some holes, and mounted the e-brake using some left over hardware I had. Turned out pretty good.

I’m glad I measured everything before I started because it fit perfectly behind the shifter and in betwen the seats.

Here are the pics.








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