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Day 30 – My New IRS Conversion Swing Plates

My new IRS conversion set swing plates came in a few days ago. I picked them up on eBay from NextGen-Offroad. They were $120 plus shipping. That included the nuts, bolts, and heim joints. The welds look really good on…
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Day 27 – Steering Bearing Mount Bracket

So, for the next step I fabricated a mounting bracket for the bearing out of a piece of quarter angle steel. Once I had the size just right, I drilled two holes for the bearing to mount to it. A…
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Day – 26 Seat Installation, Part II

Alright, I think I have the time to get these seats finished up today. One of the challenges that I ran into the other day was, one of the middle studs had actually screwed itself deeper into the seat than…
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Day 25 – Seat Installation

I made a list of all the hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, studs) that I needed to buy then I drove over to Home Depot. Came back home and proceeded to mark out the location for where I wanted to place…
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