Day 48 – Gotta Fix the Exhaust Pipe Cracks

So, these old pipes I was telling you about before, the pipe on the driverside has two bad cracks on it. I had my buddy try to braze them closed, didn’t work. I tried welding them closed, didn’t work…only ate up the metal. My only other choice besides buying new pipes, is to try and fix these. I took a chance and bought two tubes of JB Weld Steelstik. Never used it before, not even sure if it would work in this application…but, I have to at least try.<p>I used my grinder to remove much of the rust down to the clean metal. Then working the JB Weld Steelstik, much like you would if you were playing with Play-Doh, I rolled it about in my fingers until everything was blended, about ten minutes. Then I applied the putty onto the pipe. Since it was late, I only did one side…will see how this comes out tomorrow and if it works, I’ll apply it to the other side.






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