Day 50 – New Wheels and Tires

I rolled my 1969 Volkswagen around front so I could pull the wheels and tires off of that. I am planning on doing a full build on that as I turn it into a Baja but, that will be some time out. At any rate, I pulled the wheels off and set them up against my rail. I removed the wrapping off the rear brake housings so I could install the freshly turned drums. With the new drums on, I mounted the rear wheels. Turns out I didn’t have enough lug nuts to go around so I had to go out to Advance Auto Parts and buy a full set. It took me three trips back and forth, but I finally got the length and thread that I needed. Using all wheel locks all the way around. <p>So, it turns out…once the rear wheels were on, I noticed that the car sagged too much in the rear…I had to adjust the spring plates so that they were pointing down as far as I could get them without touching the torsion plate housing. This elevated the rear considerably. Previously, I had the spring plates so that they were level. That resulted in the car being real spongy in the rear and lowered it too much. Fixed that though! I also swapped out the bolts that I had put in the torsion tube mounts with new ones…I had stripped off the threads removing the bolts this last time. Wheels look so sweet on there, WOW!!! Much better!!!









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