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Day 38 – Puzzled and Confused

Spent a couple of hours this morning (off and on) trying to figure out how these damn bearings go in. Well, I understand how they do…but, I don’t understand how the items in the rebuild kit go on. Each has…
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Day 35 – Haven’t Given Up!

I haven’t given up yet, just trying to plan what to do next. Still not happy with the way the heim joints have worked out. Considering swapping them out and installing the old torsion bars. If I keep the heims…
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Day 34 – Snowbound

Had a huge snowstorm blow in. As you can see, it’s pretty deep. Looking forward to spring! -Keith Share This:

Day 33 – Mocked Up Rear Shocks

Progress has been really slow because I’m short on money. I did get a few packages in the mail today so that helps. I received a Bowden tube, Bowden tube transmission bracket, (12) CV joint axle bolts, and a pair…
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Day 32 – Shocks From Hell

I finally got around to finishing up the painting on the front shocks. Today I thought I would go ahead and install ’em. How hard could it be right? First off, the bushing was still on the lower spindle so…
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