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Day 3 – The hunt for more parts

Today, I looked through my garage and my other cars and was able to find some classic Volkswagen beetle parts that I can use on this build. Pedal assembly, EMPI throttle cable, accelerator kit, EMPI gas pedal (the roller wheel…
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Day 2 – Inventory of Parts

Like I may have said before, the folks I bought the chassis from also had several other parts they threw in on the deal. Today, I’m just going to take a quick inventory of what I have. Here’s some pics….
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Day 1 – Donor Vehicle

I was able to pick up this 1962 rail buggy over the summer. I found it advertised on One day my brother and I drove to Nanjemoy, Maryland to check it out. It was back behind the house in…
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Day 1 – Locating a Frame

I’ve been looking for a 95″ Berrien Buggy for awhile now. New they are almost $1,200 and that’s just for the chassis. After searching, I was only able to find completed buggies where the owners wanted several thousand dollars…
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