Day 1 – Donor Vehicle

I was able to pick up this 1962 rail buggy over the summer. I found it advertised on One day my brother and I drove to Nanjemoy, Maryland to check it out. It was back behind the house in a overgrown section of the property. The car sat in a deeply wooded area with a small stream nearby. My brother and I were wondering how the hell we would ever get it dug out and towed to the front of the house. Luckily for us, the Owner had a big diesel tractor and some chains. He pulled it out of all the muck that it sat in. Two of the wheels were locked up, so when he pulled it…the tires dug two big ruts in the lawn (from the back yard to the front).

At any rate, I had brought a flat bed trailer that I had planned to use. The goal was to push the old rusty chassis up in to the trailer and tow it home. The Owner was kind enough to use his tractor to push this thing up into the trailer. Once we had the tailgate up and locked in, we made the long trip back to my home.

Here are some photos of what it looked like when I picked it up.

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After a few days, we chopped off some of the overhead rails, removed the seats, gave the chassis a good cleaning, and thorough inspection. This next photo will give you a better perspective of this donor vehicle.


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