Day 1 – Locating a Frame

I’ve been looking for a 95″ Berrien Buggy for awhile now. New they are almost $1,200 and that’s just for the chassis. After searching, I was only able to find completed buggies where the owners wanted several thousand dollars for. Well, today while viewing one of the many Facebook Volkswagen groups that I belong to, an ad appeared from some folks out in Marshall, Virginia. Since I live about an hour away, I scheduled a time with them to come out and see it. I brought along one of my buddies to help me load this into my trailer (should I decide to go forward with the deal).

Well, as things worked out, I was able to pick this up today for much less than I had expected from a really nice couple. It came with a windshield, steering wheel and rod, diamond floor plate (already installed), two seats, two side mirrors, a box of assorted tabs and other small parts. I was also able to buy a newer carb, air cleaner, manifold, and a battery that they had just lying around. Here are a few pics of the buggy sitting in their yard.




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