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Day 13 – Transmission Clean Up & Paint

I’m getting a lot accomplished today. Now, on to cleaning up that old greasy, nasty looking Volkswagen Beetle transmission. I grabbed a electric Skil Drill that I had and put a 3″ wire brush on it, then I went to…
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Day 13 – Feeling Inspired, Let’s Paint!

It’s easy to get a little frustrated and feel overwhelmed when you are tackling a large project by yourself. Receiving all those parts for FREE really helped energize me. I hope to knock out cleaning up and painting the transmission,…
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Day 13 – More FREE Parts!

One of the best things I like about the Volkswagen community is that everyone is so nice and they will do what they can to help another Volkswagen enthusiast. Today, I found a box of parts outside my garage door….
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Day 12 – Holy Moly, it must be Christmas!

Came out of the house this mornng and found some parts in front of my garage. Woot! A fellow that was passing by my house on Wednesday stopped by and told me that he had some spare parts left over from…
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Day 11 – Sanding & Painting Spring Plates

Next, I moved on to sanding the swing plate retention straps, then the swing plates. One of the torsion cover plates was badly ate up with rust, so I’ll have to replace the set. After sanding, I sprayed Rustoleum automotive…
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Day 10 – Moving the Donor Front Beam

So, I’m standing there feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the work that still needs to get done and I’m thinking…you know, I should haul that front beam from my back yard to my front (where I’m working on the…
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