Monthly Archive: July 2016

Day 50 – Rear Brakes

Today, I want to wrap up the rear brakes. Laid out all my parts on my bench. Installed the wheel cylinders. Then used a pair of vice grips to remove the brake shoe adjusters. They were in there pretty good!…
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Day 49 – Got the Engine Started!

The ignition that I ordered on eBay came in so I hooked that up to my aluminum buggy console. Next, I ran the throttle cable and hooked that up (somewhat temporarily) to the carb. Let’s see if this thing will…
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Day 49 – Exhaust Pipe Repair (final)

Continuing from where I dropped off yesterday, I took the exhaust pipe outside and placed it on my workbench. After carefully looking over the repair, you couldn’t imagine my delight to know that it worked just fine. Hardened up just…
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Day 48 – Gotta Fix the Exhaust Pipe Cracks

So, these old pipes I was telling you about before, the pipe on the driverside has two bad cracks on it. I had my buddy try to braze them closed, didn’t work. I tried welding them closed, didn’t work…only ate…
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Day 47 – Will It Start?

No, apparently not today. I must have something hooked up wrong. Tried several minutes but, couldn’t figure it out. Guess, I’ll move on to taking out the rear wheel brake cylinders. I have to get the rear brakes done next….
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Day 46 – Bowden Tube and Bracket

These just came in the mail, so I’ll have to put them on today as well. I also ran the power line from the battery to the starter, and from the starter to the coil. Long day…I’m bushed. Share This:

Day 46 – Gas Tank Install

Well, no better way to learn how to weld, then to just jump in and try to do it. I’ve watched several youtube videos on MIG welding, so that classifies me as a ‘advanced welding expert’. God help me! hehe…
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Day 46 – Oil Cover & CV Joints Install

Installed the oil cover, gasket, and magnetic bolt. Would have been nice if I would have remembered to install the fricken filter! Yeah, I know…I forgot. Oh, well, that’s okay. I’m planning on installing a remote filter anyway, so I…
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