Daily Archive: August 4, 2016

Day 51 – Emergency Room Visit

In a post a few posts back, I referred to a BIG PAINFUL MISTAKE. Here’s what happened, and yet another reason why I’m fully documenting this build…it may save you from making a few mistakes. When I was grinding those…
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Day 51 – Install My New 7″ Dietz Headlights

As luck would have it, my new 7″ Dietz headlights have arrived. Let’s get those installed. I took some angle iron that I had lying about and cut up some small pieces to use as headlight mounts. After preparing each…
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Day 51 – Rear Shock Installation

Next, I have to weld on the rear shock mounts and install the shocks. My buddy Kevin, was upgrading his sandrail, so I was able to buy his used Fox Shocks for a couple hundred bucks. I started with my…
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Day 51 – Installing 5-Point Racing Harnesses

Today, my 5-point, G-Force racing harnesses came in. So, time to mount those on. The installation for these was pretty easy. I drilled some holes where I would mount the harness brackets. Tried to make sure both seats were identical….
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